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Re: mutt and asian fonts

On Sun, Sep 15, 2002 at 04:56:39PM +0800, Clive Lin wrote:
>     BTW, the patchset included some modification of mutt internal
> pager. For example, how could you accept that a Chinese character is
> wrapp'd by space instead of by margin ?
>     ex: a very long line like 
> 中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文 中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文
>     (suppose this comes from a random mail)
>     mutt's default behavior will wrap this line like this:
> 中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文
> 中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文
>     (This is manually wrapped. mutt's original pager will wrap it like this.)
>     But, I think that's bad. It should be like this:
> 中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文 中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中文中
> 文中文中文
>     (This is manually wrapped, the correct one)

Have you send the patch to mutt's maintainer? It does not make
much sense to patch general bugs/feature to individual distribution.
I do like to see this one being fixed.

>     And, about the line wrapping... I've seen people on this list said
> that, mutt can not wrap Chinese correctly. It may cut a word into 2
> pieces, and the result is decreasing joy of reading. It's interesting
> that Linux should already have full featured wcrtomb(), mbrtowc(),
> iswprint() and wcwidth(). Correct line wrapping should not be a
> problem... 

I don't see this one.

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