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Re: UTF-8

> I've set my locale to zh_HK.UTF8... i guess i've to stick to en_US.UTF8
> until they put other utf8 in X...

Probably... I didn't try other ones as I need the menues in english... :) 
my chinese is not so good yet...

> so KDE seems to have nice support of utf8. However, I'm not going to
> install KDE/Gnome/other desktop environment, my PC is just *too slow* :(.

well, I have a Pentium 133 with 128 MB RAM and it works... it's a bit slow 
though, but if you have enough time... :)

> > no experience... I use the builtin xtt module in XFree86... (have to
> > specify it in the XFree86-4.conf)
> so u're not using any font server and have all the font paths in
> XF86Config?



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