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Re: hi all, i have a problem getting my chinese(gb) to show properly in Chinese terms

On Sun, Feb 24, 2002 at 08:49:07PM -0800, kevin liu wrote:
> The newest version of the FAQ online i can find is
> only 1.5..can you direct me on where to find version
> 2.4? I have read the 1.5 FAQ very throughly and put in
> all the lines in .bashrc and .inputrc....and the
> following problem still persist...any help would be
> greatly appreciated..

When I said FAQ 2.4, I meant FAQ Session 2, item 4. :)

It's normally caused by the output-meta is set to off in
~/.inputrc. However, the default output-meta in Debian
is set to 'output-meta on' in /etc/inputrc.

Can you post your .bashrc and .inputrc and output
stty -a

And can you input Chinese in vim?

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