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Re: How to enter HKSCS character in Debian

On Mon, Feb 04, 2002 at 06:52:28PM +0800, mau_lee_hk@hongkong.com wrote:
> I am using woody (testing ) system now. All packages should be
> latest and locale zh_HK is also ready.I want to ask how to

> type/show  HKSCS character in Debian? although there is a
> xcinterm-hkscs , but the "hkscs" font required is missing in the
> whole Debian system..

We have no HKSCS font with Debian. You can use MS' or whoever's
font which might include HKSCS' characters. Or you can create one
by using pfaedit (we have that package in debian sid at least).

I think HKSCS only added about 1000+ glyphs. Maybe 10+ hours
work if using the Arphic's font as the base.

I do not know if the X x-tt module has HKSCS's codec. It might

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