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Re: Finding a tentative bullseye release date

Hi all,

On 11-07-2021 21:11, Paul Gevers wrote:
> With less than three weeks to go until the tentative release date, I
> would love to confirm the date by now, but there is a serious issue with
> crucial infrastructure (cdbuilder.d.o). Apart from this issue (and what
> it means for solving the debian-installer blocking issues in time), I'm
> not aware of other blocking issues, so let's hope the teams involved can
> recover in time.

Albeit there is some progress, we think it better for the people
involved to now say that we will *not* release on July 31.

Unfortunately, that means that we have to start looking for a new date
again. Assuming what we'll learn in the upcoming week or two is good, I
propose to already start the list below with two weeks after the
previous date. Upcoming time is around DebConf, I can imagine it could
even be an advantage, especially as that's on-line, let's see.

14 August (day before DebCamp)
21 August (last day of DebCamp)
	RT: elbrus
28 August (DebConf)
	RT: elbrus
4 September
	RT: elbrus
11 September:
	RT: elbrus


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