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Re: Finding a tentative bullseye release date

On 07/06/21 19:38, Paul Gevers wrote:
> Hi all,
> On 06-06-2021 20:03, Paul Gevers wrote:
>> With the availability of Adam now known (and some off-list info), we have:
>> 26 June
>>   [Ansgar (ftp), Sebastian (release), Adam (release)]
>> 3 July
>>   [Ansgar (ftp), Paul (release), Adam (release)]
>> 10 July
>>   [Steve (CD) MAYBE , Ansgar (ftp), Paul (release), Adam (release),
>>    Graham (release)]
>> 17 July
>>   [Steve (CD), press, Ansgar (ftp), Paul (release)]
>> 24 July
>>   [Steve (CD), press, Ansgar (ftp), Sebastian (release), Adam (release),
>>    Graham (release)]
>> 31 July
>>   [Steve (CD), press, Ansgar (ftp), Sebastian (release), Adam (release)]
>> 7 August
>>   [Steve (CD), press, Ansgar (ftp), Sebastian (release), Adam (release)]
>> 14 August
>>   [Steve (CD), press, Ansgar (ftp), Sebastian (release), Adam (release)]
>> So, what to pick? We still believe that shorter freezes are better for
>> the Debian community as a whole, so Steve can you look at turning your
>> maybe on 10 July into a "lets go for this"? If the answer is no, than
>> lets pick 24 July as the *tentative* release date.
> Nevermind 10 July. Steve, you can stop contemplating about it. We'll go
> for 24 July as the *tentative* release date.
>> Regardless of which of the two we pick, I propose we decide two weeks
>> before if it's going to be final.
> So, we'll decide around 10 July.
>> And, relevant for every maintainer of non-key packages without passing
>> autopkgtests, the full freeze will start two weeks before the
>> *tentative* release. The means that, with traditionally the last week
>> being totally frozen, the last week that packages can migrate *all*
>> packages need manual unblocks by the release team.
> And the Full Freeze will start on 10 July too.
> Paul

26 June sorry No.
I can do any of the other dates.
I am not able to complete the images (I don't have, nor feel ready for
access to, the signing key just yet) but can start the process and keep
things going with smoke testing if Steve would be available in the


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