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Re: Finding a tentative bullseye release date

Hi all,

On 06-06-2021 20:03, Paul Gevers wrote:
> With the availability of Adam now known (and some off-list info), we have:
> 26 June
>   [Ansgar (ftp), Sebastian (release), Adam (release)]
> 3 July
>   [Ansgar (ftp), Paul (release), Adam (release)]
> 10 July
>   [Steve (CD) MAYBE , Ansgar (ftp), Paul (release), Adam (release),
>    Graham (release)]
> 17 July
>   [Steve (CD), press, Ansgar (ftp), Paul (release)]
> 24 July
>   [Steve (CD), press, Ansgar (ftp), Sebastian (release), Adam (release),
>    Graham (release)]
> 31 July
>   [Steve (CD), press, Ansgar (ftp), Sebastian (release), Adam (release)]
> 7 August
>   [Steve (CD), press, Ansgar (ftp), Sebastian (release), Adam (release)]
> 14 August
>   [Steve (CD), press, Ansgar (ftp), Sebastian (release), Adam (release)]
> So, what to pick? We still believe that shorter freezes are better for
> the Debian community as a whole, so Steve can you look at turning your
> maybe on 10 July into a "lets go for this"? If the answer is no, than
> lets pick 24 July as the *tentative* release date.

Nevermind 10 July. Steve, you can stop contemplating about it. We'll go
for 24 July as the *tentative* release date.

> Regardless of which of the two we pick, I propose we decide two weeks
> before if it's going to be final.

So, we'll decide around 10 July.

> And, relevant for every maintainer of non-key packages without passing
> autopkgtests, the full freeze will start two weeks before the
> *tentative* release. The means that, with traditionally the last week
> being totally frozen, the last week that packages can migrate *all*
> packages need manual unblocks by the release team.

And the Full Freeze will start on 10 July too.


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