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Re: Finding a tentative bullseye release date

Hi all,

On 30-05-2021 09:09, Paul Gevers wrote:
> 26 June
> 3 July
> 10 July
> 17 July [Steve (CD), press]
> 24 July [Steve (CD), press]
> 31 July
> 7 August
> 14 August

This can now be updated to:

26 June   [Ansgar (ftp)]
3 July    [Ansgar (ftp), Sebastian (release), Paul (release)]
10 July   [Steve (CD) MAYBE , Ansgar (ftp), Paul (release)]
17 July   [Steve (CD), press, Ansgar (ftp), Paul (release)]
24 July   [Steve (CD), press, Ansgar (ftp), Sebastian (release)]
31 July   [Steve (CD), press, Ansgar (ftp), Sebastian (release)]
7 August  [Steve (CD), press, Ansgar (ftp), Sebastian (release)]
14 August [Steve (CD), press, Ansgar (ftp), Sebastian (release)]

For those following along on IRC, we still have to figure out who from
the release team that has access to the keys can join (if only for the
signing). I hope we can update you on that shortly.

On 30-05-2021 18:48, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> We've been slowly working up to getting other people able to do image
> releases, but I don't think we're *quite* there yet. Maybe on the next
> point release Andy could do it all without me watching and helping,
> but we want to work that out and I'm not sure a new major release is
> the right time to try this!

Again, without wanting to push, as we now have a point release before
any of the mentioned dates, would any of the earlier dates be still a
possibility from CD point of view? Andy, are you available? Donald, did
you look at the earlier days and is press not available, or didn't you
bother because of Steve's availability?


PS: I'm starting to realize I may feel uncomfortably direct for some
people/cultures. The Dutch are known for it (some call it rude).
Probably because I was raised like that, I don't want to read peoples
mind, I rather hear what they mean.

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