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jigdo Problems while processing https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/archive/9.12.0/armhf/jigdo-dvd/debian-update-9.12.0-armhf-DVD-1.jigdo ..

Hallo List,

while update all debian dvd'2 from debian-9.11 to debian 9.12
(arch=armhf) everything worked as expected for all

debian-9.12.0-armhf-DVD-[1..13].jigdo files, the

debian-update-9.12.0-armhf-DVD-[1.2].jigdo failed, because the remaining
*.deb files are not found ??

URL's ftp2.de.debian.org ...

for example:

--2020-02-19 09:14:04-- 
Verbindungsaufbau zu ftp2.de.debian.org
(ftp2.de.debian.org)||:21 … verbunden.
Anmelden als anonymous … Angemeldet!
==> SYST ... fertig.    ==> PWD ... fertig.
==> TYPE I ... fertig.  ==> CWD (1) /pool/main/f/firefox-esr ...
Das Verzeichnis »pool/main/f/firefox-esr« existiert nicht.

This only happens for the update-DVD's ??

regards Bernd Oelker

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