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Re: Script for Debian 10.2 XFCE ISO Hybird

On Mon, Dec 09, 2019 at 02:20:17PM +0000, Hassan Abdalla wrote:
>Dear debian-cd maintainers
>I am working on Phd university project for financial fraud dataming, i got to
>the stage where i want to make live & installable Hybird ISO, being a long user
>of debian (12 years), i would like to embed my datamining platform into debian
>to make a complete operating system including the data mining platform for open
>source community.
>I was wondering how debian-cd is made, is it with live-build? if so could i
>have the script which could generate exactly the stable debian 10.2 xfce
>iso-hybird identical file?
>My aim is to have this script and add -interactive shell so i can add my
>package and script to produce iso file.
>If not, would you please guide me how or where i can find this script?

Hi Hassan,

The official live images are not using live-build - they use a
different tool called live-wrapper. For the full setup, the scripts
we're using are in git at


It's a complicated setup (sorry!) as we build things inside a VM, but
if you look at


in particular you should be able to see how things are run. If you're
looking to do much customisation here (like adding your own software
to the live image) then I'd suggest the quickest way to make that work
would be to build local .deb packages of your software that you can
then add into your build.

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