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Script for Debian 10.2 XFCE ISO Hybird

Dear debian-cd maintainers

I am working on Phd university project for financial fraud dataming, i got to the stage where i want to make live & installable Hybird ISO, being a long user of debian (12 years), i would like to embed my datamining platform into debian to make a complete operating system including the data mining platform for open source community.

I was wondering how debian-cd is made, is it with live-build? if so could i have the script which could generate exactly the stable debian 10.2 xfce iso-hybird identical file?
My aim is to have this script and add -interactive shell so i can add my package and script to produce iso file.

If not, would you please guide me how or where i can find this script?

Any help please?

Best regards


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