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Re: have a mate-desktop CD


shirish wrote:
> Just read Thomas's reply on the debian-cd mailing list specifically
> https://lists.debian.org/debian-cd/2018/03/msg00003.html . Please CC
> me in further correspondence in this regard as I'm not subscribed to
> the list .

I assumed you were subscribed because the "X-Spam-Status:" header of your
mails via the list has the word "LDOSUBSCRIBER" which normally indicates
that the sending mail address is subscribed to the list.

> FWIW and FTR I did try the rufus 'dd' for all three iso images and it
> failed spectacularly.

We should try to find out why and discuss this with Pete Batard, the
author of Rufus. (I am entirely without MS-Windows. So i can be of
few help with experiments.)

> the logs were cryptic. It didn't tell the reason why the dd to usb
> failed .

Showing a complete log is normally a good way to catch the interest of
the software's developer.

> I did
> try multiple runs (2-3 times at least)  of formatting the usb disk

Well, if Rufus DD is like Unix dd then you need no formatting of the
USB disk. "Low-level formatting" (as Wikipedia calls it) should be
already done when you buy the USB stick. The higher levels of
partitioning and filesystem creation are contained in the image file
content. (There are several partition tables and two filesystems
in the Debian amd64 ISO images. So no shortage of those levels.)

> I came
> back both in MS-Windows space as well as using Debian to see if the
> flash drive is true or not.

More interesting than the technical entrails of the USB stick is whether
it can take the image data and whether it can reproduce them flawlessly
when they shall be read.

So if you can finally get a GNU/Linux system running without needing that
USB stick as its disk, you should put the ISO image onto it by the usual
run of "dd":
and then verify its checksum
The prescriptions for "written optical media" apply to USB sticks with the
ISO image, too: You need to cut the data stream to the size of the ISO
image file in order to have a chance to get the correct checksum.

Have a nice day :)


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