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have a mate-desktop CD was Re: magnet links and pushing them to meta-search engines.

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On 16/02/2018, Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> wrote:


> I've since re-added a single-CD option for Xfce, for thoe people who
> really do want a single CD that will give them a basic desktop,

Dear Steve,

There has been quite a few things happening at my end hence wasn't
able to reply before today, so sorry for that.

I had been asked to share some of Debian newness recently.  Because I
was on the road and didn't have my trusty lappy with me, had to use
window machines, download the daily, weekly and thankfully the last
alpha2 xfce build.

As I was on MS-Windows had to resort to using a variety of softwares
trying out rufus and other softwares. For some reason, other than
unetbootin none of the others worked. But this was also only limited
to the alpha build, the others just didn't even copy either using
rufus or using unetbootin. Dunno the reason for that. Most of the logs
were cryptic in nature so couldn't come to any specific result. The
only thing I was able to figure out that somehow the boot loader was
corrupted during the copy.

I was also stuck by the warning debian usb stick told me while I was
trying to install saying unetbootin is not a good tool to make a usb
stick.  Perhaps a hyperlink would have been better than just saying
its in installation instructions.

While installing the alpha build, two things became apparent, one
while there is support for https protocol, there doesn't seem to be
any mirrors which support that or I couldn't find them and I tried a
few, although finding https mirrors should perhaps be more automated,

Lastly, would it be possible to have a mate-desktop CD apart from the
xfce one. While choice of desktop environment is certainly a personal
choice,  I feel it's a good lightweight yet at the same time fully
functional desktop environment. It isn't bloated as GNOME has become
but still tries to be true to the gtk+ philosophy.

Also is buster alpha 3 on the horizon anywhere or what constraints or
issues that need to be resolved before an alpha 3 can be a reality ?

Looking forward to know more.

> --
> Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.
> steve@einval.com
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