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Re: Error when opening up jigdo?


Jordan Anderson wrote:
> Why do I get this error when I extract the jigdo-win folder and open
> up the .bat folder?

I doubt that support for Jigdo on MS-Windows is available here.

> Where do I start to download the .jigdo files?

If the goal in the end is to get Debian ISOs via Jigdo, consider to try
a Debian Live system as base for downloading.
There is a description of that procedure on

There are some open questions in the text:
- How to get firmware and network helper software if no DHCP server
  helps out ?
- Are there any peculiarities of MS-Windows or MacOS disks when mounting
  from Debian Live ?
If you go this way, then please report if you find answers to these
questions or encounter other stumblestones.

Have a nice day :)


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