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Re: bug 887830, was: Joliet name length in amd64 netinst versus DVD-2


i wrote:
> >  https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=887830
> >  "debian-cd: *.jigdo files should be listed in the *SUMS files"

Steve McIntyre:
> ACK, it's a fairly simple fix to the debian-cd setup. I've pushed the
> changes and if you check today's daily/weekly builds you'll see that
> the jigdo and template files are listed in the checksums files too!

That's good news. Especially for users of old jigdo-lite who download
the .template files manually because of the old "https" inability
(see fixed bug 865864).

I tested with
MD5, SHA256, and SHA512 match nicely.


Now the next weakest point in Jigdo download is 

  "jigdo-file: Jigdo .template file and resulting ISO are only verified by MD5"

jigdo-lite after fix of bug 865864 downloads the .template if it yet
missing in the local directory. Verification is done by line
"Template-MD5Sum" of the .jigdo file, not by *SUMS.

jigdo-lite could now make automatic use of the *SUMS via the according
*sum programs.

Or jigdo-lite could expect better .template checksums in the .jigdo file
and jigdo-file could learn to compute such sums.
libjte can, so jigdo-file could learn from there.

Have a nice day :)


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