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Re: syslinux progress & reviews

On Tue, Oct 03, 2017 at 10:09:52PM +0200, Lukas Schwaighofer wrote:
>Hi team,
>I've worked a bit on syslinux now.  I've fixed one notable problem that
>I've found:  The current syslinux package (statically) links against a
>pre-compiled version of gnu-efi (supplied in the syslinux source
>I also made a few more improvements apart from cleanup:
>* the package now builds reproducibly (still needs the same build path
>  though)
>* added patches from upstream to fix:
>  - boot problems for pre-2005 BIOS computers, see #857597 [1]
>  - boot failure from btrfs, see #865462 [2]
>I think the two new patches are quite small and might be suitable to
>be added to stretch in a point release, after we've tested them

Yup, that would make sense. Looking at the changes now.

>For now I've made sure that the same files are installed into the same
>binary packages (using the same paths).  There's some room for
>improvement here, e.g. #819973 [3], but I'd like to avoid any "breaks
>my scripts" dragons for now.

Nod, good plan! :-) That was a perennial problem with older syslinux

>I'd be happy if someone took the time to review the changes I made so
>far in git:
>    https://anonscm.debian.org/git/debian-cd/syslinux.git
>My plan now is to test a few boot scenarios with this package myself
>and probably ask you to sponsor an upload to either unstable or
>experimental soon (weekend).

All looks sane enough so far!

>I consider the updated 6.03 version an intermediate step which, amongst
>other things, allows us to check if the cherry picking the two commits
>above fixes the problems as expected (and doesn't cause regressions).  I
>intend upgrade to the pre-release for 6.04 in unstable/testing later.


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