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syslinux progress & reviews

Hi team,

I've worked a bit on syslinux now.  I've fixed one notable problem that
I've found:  The current syslinux package (statically) links against a
pre-compiled version of gnu-efi (supplied in the syslinux source

I also made a few more improvements apart from cleanup:
* the package now builds reproducibly (still needs the same build path
* added patches from upstream to fix:
  - boot problems for pre-2005 BIOS computers, see #857597 [1]
  - boot failure from btrfs, see #865462 [2]

I think the two new patches are quite small and might be suitable to
be added to stretch in a point release, after we've tested them

For now I've made sure that the same files are installed into the same
binary packages (using the same paths).  There's some room for
improvement here, e.g. #819973 [3], but I'd like to avoid any "breaks
my scripts" dragons for now.

I'd be happy if someone took the time to review the changes I made so
far in git:
My plan now is to test a few boot scenarios with this package myself
and probably ask you to sponsor an upload to either unstable or
experimental soon (weekend).

I consider the updated 6.03 version an intermediate step which, amongst
other things, allows us to check if the cherry picking the two commits
above fixes the problems as expected (and doesn't cause regressions).  I
intend upgrade to the pre-release for 6.04 in unstable/testing later.


[1] https://bugs.debian.org/857597
[2] https://bugs.debian.org/865462
[3] https://bugs.debian.org/819973

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