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Re: Text and web-links on <http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/>


just see v8.6.0 is released.

Here in Tuebingen (Germany) the Linux User Group Tuebingen is
participating in the so called "Linux Presentation Day" on October
22th. 60 cities in Germany are involved.

I am planning to demonstrate also Debian/jessie as a Live-System.

How is the state of Debian/stretch?

BTW, can you put all the "alpha" versions of stretch in a single directory?
Let's say stretch_di_alpha and stretch_di_alpha/current?
Wait a moment...
There is a archive-dir at <http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/archive/>.
So put all the old alphas there?
That looks a bit more tidy to me :-).


- Sedat Dilek -

[1] http://linux-presentation-day.de/orte/#orte
[2] http://www.vhs-tuebingen.de/kuferweb/index.php?id=9&kathaupt=11&knr=162-50310&kursname=Linux+Presentation+Day

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