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Re: Reproducing cd build

On Wed, May 04, 2016 at 04:56:40PM +0200, Frederic Bonnard wrote:
>Hi Steve,
>> What problem are you seeing?
>grub doesn't load its config file, so I don't see the menu and get dropped
>immediatly to the grub command line.

Hmmm, OK. IIRC there was a change in default path quite a while back
which had this kind of effect, but I *think* that was back
pre-Jessie. We had to cope with this for x86 architectures. *Maybe*
there's a similar change needed for ppc64el too?

git://git.debian.org/d-i/debian-installer commit 81109010691ee0fc9357bd10be8fe116b9bb9f84

is the thing I'm looking at. Maybe compare the grub.cfg file in each image?

>> To do that, you'll need to install debian-cd (preferably the version
>> from git master that's used for the daily builds) and a local mirror
>> to build with. The docs in debian-cd are out of date (sorry!) but
>> should give you a good start. If you need help, please ask here or in
>> irc (irc.debian.org, #debian-cd).
>I saw in the meantime that debian-cd is the way to go but I'm still a bit lost
>with it.

ACK - it's not the easiest thing to start with I'm afraid.

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