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Re: Debian images and USB sticks


On 3 May 2016 at 03:59, Thomas Schmitt <scdbackup@gmx.net> wrote:

> However, it's possible to allow the latter running isohybrid --partok
> iso-name.iso (according to isohybrid's man page), and I have done so, and it
> works.

Interesting result.

How did you make the MBR of the overall device which then hops onto
the code at the start of the partition ?

I think I don't have enough knowledge to even understand your question, Thomas. I guess I will just briefly explain what I did:

-> I executed "isohybrid --partok debian.iso". Comparing the contents of this image after the command and the original image, nothing seems to have changed. The hashes, however, do not match.
-> I partitioned my USB stick using gparted, setting the boot flag on the partition I wanted to put the image. (I think it's relevant to say that I tried to do the partitioning and formatting of the stick using fdisk and mkfs.fat, having the same result in the end of the process, according to gparted, meaning everything there looked the same, but I couldn't boot from the stick doing it that way, I would get stuck in the black screen with the blinking cursor.)
-> Then I copied the "partoked" .iso to the partition (unmounted): "cp debian.iso /dev/sdb1 && sync"
-> After that, I was able to boot from the stick and install Debian.

Executing "wipefs --all /dev/sdb1" after the process, I saw the partition contained iso9660 filesystem signature.

That's all I know :|

Have a nice day :)

You too! 

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