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Re: Debian images and USB sticks


> However, it's possible to allow the latter running isohybrid --partok
> iso-name.iso (according to isohybrid's man page), and I have done so, and it
> works.

Interesting result.

How did you make the MBR of the overall device which then hops onto
the code at the start of the partition ?

> I wonder if there is a good reason this doesn't come as a default option?

I do not see (yet) how one could combine UEFI with a partition MBR
in the same image. It seems to me that one would have to extract
the EFI System Partition from the ISO and put it onto USB stick as
separate partition of type 0xef. One would simply leave out GPT and
rely on the middle legacy boot path of UEFI. (Younger than BIOS emulation
but not as shiny as GPT.)

If a partition MBR is desired, one would need to use a different MBR
template file. According to
this would be isohdppx.bin.
(I wrote that table from existing SYSLINUX docs and am not aware that
 anybody ever tried whether it is correct. Your mileage may vary.)

Have a nice day :)


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