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Re: Debian images and USB sticks


Renato Bispo wrote:
> -> I partitioned my USB stick using gparted, setting the boot flag on the
> partition I wanted to put the image.

Now i wonder whether the stick already contained MBR code which
would jump on the marked partition or whether gparted installed such
x86 machine code.

The third paragraph seems to describe what you experience. A small program
which looks for the bootable/active flag and executes the code at the
start of that partition.

> (I think it's relevant to say that I
> tried to do the partitioning and formatting of the stick using fdisk and
> mkfs.fat, having the same result in the end of the process, according to
> gparted, meaning everything there looked the same, but I couldn't boot from
> the stick doing it that way, I would get stuck in the black screen with the
> blinking cursor.)

Looks like gparted installed the code. But i cannot find hints in the web.

Please show the first 512 bytes of the working stick:

  dd if=/dev/sdX bs=512 count=1 | od od -t x1

Have a nice day :)


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