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Re: Download DVDs Debian 8.4.0


On 2016-04-16, georg.becker@web.de wrote:
> Hi Debian team,
> I would like to download the images of all DVDs of Debian 8.4.0.
> I cannot anticipate what software packages they will need. Therefore 
> I plan to install a minimalistic version of Debian and give them all 
> the DVDs so that they can install additional software packages as 
> they need.

Did you consider to just mirror the repository on the target computer's
harddisk instead (debmirror makes this rather easy) and to use this 
local mirror for your sources.list?

I don't quite have the numbers available how much space jessie would
need for one architecture (mirroring sid amd64+i386+source accumulates
to 153 GB at the moment, so my wild guess for one jessie architecture, 
without source, would be in the 60-70 GB range), but this would be a
rather tiny fraction of any spinning HDD made in the last 10 years (at 
least for any disk >= 120 GB, it would be a reasonable tradeoff), 
compared to 15-20 DVDs (which will inevitably get lost, get scratched 
or turn you into a disk jockey, etc. pp.) full of packages barely 
anyone every needs (at least for DVDs beyond the first 2-3).

	Stefan Lippers-Hollmann

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