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Download DVDs Debian 8.4.0

Hi Debian team,

I would like to download the images of all DVDs of Debian 8.4.0. I know that this is not what you suggest, but I find that there is a good reason for this: I have a computer which I want to donate to refugees here in Germany. I intend to donate it via an organization that assists refugees, therefore I don't know who exactly will receive it. The refugees typically don't have access to the internet with a PC. I cannot anticipate what software packages they will need. Therefore I plan to install a minimalistic version of Debian and give them all the DVDs so that they can install additional software packages as they need.

My problem is that on all the mirrors that I checked only DVDs 1 - 3 plus 2 update DVDs are available. MD5SUMS suggests that there must be DVDs 1 - 13 plus 2 update DVDs. I assume that something went wrong with the distribution of the images. Would you please be so kind as to check this?! Or did I do anything wrong?

Thank you very much for your assistance!

Best regards,
Georg Becker

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