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Re: Download DVDs Debian 8.4.0

On Sat, 16 Apr 2016 22:06:51 +0200
georg.becker@web.de wrote:

> Hi Debian team,
> I would like to download the images of all DVDs of Debian 8.4.0. 

Please use jigdo for this.

"Use jigdo tools to download the contents of the complete ISO image files from what's here and a normal Debian mirror. You should end up with an exact copy of each ISO image as though you'd downloaded it directly via HTTP or FTP.

Once you have downloaded all the ISO images you want, you will typically need to write them to installation media."


All the DVD templates are listed there.

> I
> know that this is not what you suggest, but I find that there is a
> good reason for this: I have a computer which I want to donate to
> refugees here in Germany. I intend to donate it via an organization
> that assists refugees, therefore I don't know who exactly will
> receive it. The refugees typically don't have access to the internet
> with a PC. I cannot anticipate what software packages they will need.
> Therefore I plan to install a minimalistic version of Debian and give
> them all the DVDs so that they can install additional software
> packages as they need.

The jigdo download should give you exactly that.


Neil Williams

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