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Re: Proposal for new Debian image: Vagrant base box

Hi Steve !

>> I have been working with the debian-cloud team for some time now
>> creating "Vanilla" Debian Images for Vagrant, a devops tool.
>> Vagrant call these images base boxes, it's basically some kind of
>> lightly customized Virtualbox OVF with extra meta data information.
>> I've documented the details of this here:
>> https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Cloud/VagrantBaseBoxes
>> The boxes aka disk images are here:
>> https://atlas.hashicorp.com/debian/
>> Up to now the creation and upload of these boxes has been done from my
>> workstation, but I'd rather do it with you guys on some Debian
>> Infrastructure.
> OK, cool. :-)
> Hmmm - looking at your wiki page, I just see one problem really:
> "The build process requires the non-free
>  virtualbox-guest-additions-iso package, the rest of the build chain
>  and installed packages are DFSG compliant. "
> For official images, we won't include non-free components/packages. Is
> there any way to avoid this?

Yes, this is problematic and I'm happy to discuss that.

Virtualbox guest additions are needed for
Vagrant shared folders [1]
an important feature but not critical to the use of Vagrant

I see two different possible ways :

* we get rid of the virtualbox guest additions in the image (like FreeBSD)
An end user could install herself/himself the Virtualbox guest
additions, manually, or via the vagrant-vbguest plugin.

* instead of using the non-free virtualbox-guest-additions-iso package
for creating the image we use the "virtualbox-guest-source" and
"virtualbox-guest-dkms" in contrib.
Is using "contrib" OK for official debian images ?
I think no, so probably first way is the only way ...

[1] https://docs.vagrantup.com/v2/synced-folders/

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