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Re: Summary of the Debian CD BoF at DC15

Hi Steve.

I understand what you are saying about kde and gnome not fitting on a cd, but please 
keep a bootable cd sized image that people can use to install a barebones desktop 
or server without requiring an internet connection.  

eg all standard + important priority packages, plus selected optional packages. 
openssh-server, anacron, task-laptop, task-desktop, parts of lxde (no libre-office,
just basic apps like lxterminal, leafpad, iceweasel, pcmanfm, synaptic, evince etc).  

Just enough to boot into a usable desktop which you can then use to install more
apps, read documentation and/or search the web.
(I'm only talking about images for i386 and amd64, because I don't have hardware 
for anything else.  I have no idea whether there is enough demand for similar 
images for other hardware to be worthwhile).  

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