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Re: Summary of the Debian CD BoF at DC15

Steve McIntyre writes:

> Q. Can we tweak debian-cd to install a full 64-bit CD/system with
>    *some* 32-bit support included, but not full?
> A. People have asked about this kind of thing multiple times in the
>    past, but no code yet. debian-cd m-a support is currently designed
>    to include exactly the same level of packages for all the
>    architectures on a m-a CD. This could be hacked fairly easily to
>    fix that - just include the base system and some libraries for
>    secondary architectures. No time to look at this yet, but a
>    wishlist bug would help! :-)

I know I asked for this at one point, but I can't seem to find where.
In addition, or as an alternative to, custom package lists to optimize the 
CD, I also had the idea that maybe there could just be a tool that glued 
together existing images (as long as the total of the image sizes was less 
than the container size, not a problem with USB thumbdrives). Inefficient 
use of space, but fast.

Back when I asked I wanted this for a CD. I still want it, but now 
optimized for a 2gb USB thumb drive, and booting:

* amd64 install with lots of packages
* i386 install with netinst packages
(and maybe live images, debirf rescue images, memtest86+, etc)

When searching I did find these threads which are all still relevant

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Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 23:28:50 -0700

follow up to above
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Matt Taggart

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