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Re: Bits from the Debian CD team

> It's probably time for a quick update on what we've been up to
> lately in terms of producing Debian CD and DVD and (!) BD images.
> That will give the game away for the biggest change that has happened
> lately - we're now producing some Blu-ray images alongside the
> existing CD and DVD images with each weekly Lenny build. As a standard
> Blu-ray disc will hold up to 25GB of data, that means that, for the
> first time in several years, users should be able to fit all of the
> packages for one architecture on a single disc. Woo!

This reminds me that I never followed up on this email about image sizes


The images sizes in that email are probably out of date, but the questions 
are still relevant:

1) should the images be better optimized for media sizes, both the various 
optical media but also usb thumb drives? (side note, I bet you can get 
surplus small thumb drives for _really_ cheap now, it would be neat to be 
able to give away debian on them)
2) How are we doing on current image sizes and how they relate to the 
physical media sizes?
3) As Joey suggested, if there is extra room on the i386 netinst could it 
contain extra kernels? maybe this has already been solved? I didn't check.
4) could you make multi-arch businesscards of i386 and amd64?
5) could you make multi-arch mini-CDs of i386/amd64/ppc by combining
   their businesscard images?


Matt Taggart

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