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Re: Dropping CDs entirely?! (was: Stretch Alpha 3 images)

On Wed, Sep 02, 2015 at 01:53:24AM +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:

Hi KiBi!

Apologies for going dark for a couple of days - Debian-UK BBQ then
massive cold that left me half-dead... :-( Catching up on stuff slowly

>> While I'm happy that meetings and discussions take place at DebConf, I'm
>> not comfortable with those being a replacement for discussions on
>> mailing lists.
>> I don't think it's reasonable to expect people to be able to follow all
>> of those (there are too many tracks, not all of them are recorded, and
>> many other reasons…), be it on site or by watching the streams / videos
>> after the facts.

ACK. If it wasn't for the post-debconf flu I'd have already publicised
this widely.

>> I've seen no answer for the last two questions:
>> > > Where was the discussion? What's the rationale? Where do we point
>> > > people to?
>> I could mention that “it was decided to drop all non-netinst CDs”, but I
>> wouldn't quite like doing so without having a reference to point people
>> to. Even commit messages don't explain the reason behind this change.
>> On a personal level again: I would really prefer understanding this
>> change and documenting it properly (be it in the d-i release announce,
>> in installation-guide, on the website -- many links to change! -- etc.),
>> instead of adding a vague “debian-cd decided so” label onto this change.
>> What about publishing fixes for stuff broken in Stretch Alpha 2 through
>> Stretch Alpha 3 (which was my initial plan), and trying to that properly
>> another time?
>Would it be possible to get some kind of timeframe for this please? More
>changes reach testing as time passes, and avoiding getting too huge a
>gap between d-i upload and actual image builds would be nice; I lifted
>all block-udebs as building was supposed to happen right after
>copy-installer; other regressions/changes can pop up there at any time…
>I could understand if that was postponed until after the upcoming
>weekend due to both wheezy and jessie point releases (in which case I
>might re-upload debian-installer to account for newer udeb updates, then
>block subsequent udeb migrations), but as I explained past week, it
>would be nice on our users to deal with the current, known breakages
>in a timely fashion.

I can do a rebuild including CDs tonight, if you like, or we can wait
until after the point releases. What would you prefer?

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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