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Re: About modifying live-images

On 04/29/15 02:32, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> When I saw things like out-of-date graphics a few days before the release and no apparent
> urgency for fixes

Since I personally don't remember to have heard or seen anything from
you in the whole jessie release cycle wrt/ debian-live, I don't know on
what you base your impression on.

Anyhow, just to be perfectly clear (and in the following I'm not
speaking about changing a splash or not, but in general): if debian-cd
would build live images diverting from the official live-* config or
tools, we would not support such images and fall back to build them
ourselfs again. Instead, let me point this out again, please commit
directly to debian-next branches (which are world-writable as documented
in live-manual). There's no reason not to do "upstream first", that way
you get a both review/feedback/improvement of the change and an ACK from us.

> I'll submit bugs with patches in the next few days as I have time,
> don't worry.

As far as i know, no override should be needed if using the latest 4.x
releases of live-*.


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