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Re: broken kfreebsd cdimage building

On 28/09/13 11:07, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> [...] supported cdrom settings went from
> kfreebsd + kfreebsd-9 to kfreebsd-9 only; when adding kfreebsd-10
> support, the cdrom settings weren't added kfreebsd-10, and the patch
> below isn't adding it either (so the build should be OK since that part
> would be missing from the d-i build).
> Is that expected though? No kfreebsd-10 in there?

Yes that seems right, kfreebsd-10 isn't available yet in sid, but it may
be in a few months, and then it can be included on the CDs.  Only
kfreebsd-9 CD builds are needed currently.

Steven Chamberlain

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