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Re: Docs on UEFI support in Debian 7 CDs

Am 10.05.2013 12:14, schrieb Thomas Schmitt:
One will have to watch out whether these violations, or the fact
that MBR partition 2 is nested in MBR partition 1, cause any

Hmmm... do you think this might cause trouble, i.e. older machines which used to boot with "plain" (MBR only) isohybrid will not boot with such a dual UEFI/MBR image?

That would be somewhat troublesome for our project. I guess the people at debian and Ubuntu don't test their images much with older machines, since the whole UEFI stuff is on the amd64 images only, and you would rarely want to use these with old Pentium IV machines.

But we definitely would want a single image (32bit) to boot on current machines with UEFI as well as on machines as old as Pentium IV/Pentium M class. If there is trouble to be expected, I'd rather think about building two different images.


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