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Re: Docs on UEFI support in Debian 7 CDs


i forgot to mention that gdisks statement
  MBR: MBR only
  GPT: present
is a consequence of the intentional violation of GPT specs
by the presence of a valid MBR partition of type 0xef instead
of a "protective MBR" partion of type 0xee.

Further, the MBR partiton which describes the whole ISO image
intentionally has partition type 0x00.
This is part of the heavily overloaded boot info structure
as described in
"The first entry covers the entire disk and is of type 0.
 This is important, because some EFI implementations are
 strict about MBR parsing - if there's an MBR with
 overlapping partitions, the entire MBR will be ignored.
 Inconvenient. Fortunately, we've got the source code to this
 code, and it turns out that partitions of type 0 are ignored
 when performing this check. So, there's a partition of type 0.

One will have to watch out whether these violations, or the fact
that MBR partition 2 is nested in MBR partition 1, cause any

Have a nice day :)


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