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Re: Building custom Debian from CD to DVD

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Le 24/01/2012 16:20, Steve McIntyre a écrit :
On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 10:27:45AM +0100, Nahir MOHAMED wrote:
Hi all,

I'm actually working on a custom version of Debian for a project. I
start from the debian-509-i386-CD-1.iso to build my custom version
and I added some personal packages using this howto :


In this howto they use the mkisofs command to generate the image file
and it works like a charm but my .iso file size is bigger than a
normal CD size.
Yes, that is a common problem if you're adding things. We try to make
the CDs as full as possible when creating them.
Your work is very good and CDs are perfect the problem only happened because I need some non-debian packages.

So I would like to know if I can burn it directly on a DVD or should
I use another command/tool to build a new .iso file.
It should work just the same on a DVD if you need to,
yes. Alternatively, you could remove some of the other packages in the
tree to make things fit on a CD but that's not a trivial task to get
right. Your best bet there if you need to is to work backwards through
the list of packages listed in the Packages file, removing:

  * the Packages entry (and then recompress for Packages.gz)
  * the .deb
  * the entry in md5sums.txt

This a way to do it but I can also only remove the .deb and build a new Packages.gz as I do when I add package and generate a new md5sum.txt. This is not very complicated, my question was more about using mkisofs to build DVD image but is you tell me it is OK so it is perfect.

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