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Re: Building custom Debian from CD to DVD

On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 10:27:45AM +0100, Nahir MOHAMED wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'm actually working on a custom version of Debian for a project. I
>start from the debian-509-i386-CD-1.iso to build my custom version
>and I added some personal packages using this howto :
>In this howto they use the mkisofs command to generate the image file
>and it works like a charm but my .iso file size is bigger than a
>normal CD size.

Yes, that is a common problem if you're adding things. We try to make
the CDs as full as possible when creating them.

>So I would like to know if I can burn it directly on a DVD or should
>I use another command/tool to build a new .iso file.

It should work just the same on a DVD if you need to,
yes. Alternatively, you could remove some of the other packages in the
tree to make things fit on a CD but that's not a trivial task to get
right. Your best bet there if you need to is to work backwards through
the list of packages listed in the Packages file, removing:

 * the Packages entry (and then recompress for Packages.gz)
 * the .deb
 * the entry in md5sums.txt

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