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Daily builds installing kde-desktop by default?

Hi everybody,

I was trying to install Debian on my new laptop, and I've had to download wheezy instead of squeeze, as the drivers for the ethernet card are not present until 2.6.38 (and thus are not on the live CD/usb)

However, every time I try to download one of the daily builds for amd64, it installed Debian with KDE as the default desktop. Is this intended? I was under the impression that Debian usually came with GNOME.

I've been getting my builds from here: http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/daily-builds/daily.new/

I also tried to download one of the weekly images, but it did not work properly as the installer complained that it could not find a proper kernel file for my architecture (even though I downloaded the amd64 version for a 64-bit computer).


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