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Re: Some suggestions for changes to w.d.o/CD/faq entries

On Saturday 07 January 2012 15:26:32 Andrei Popescu wrote:
> Hi,


CC'ed as you requested.

Thomas' answer to your question, as I don't see you in CC:

> http://www.debian.org/CD/faq/index.en.html#record-unix
> [..]
> Add option stream_recording=on to get on BD-RE full nominal speed
> without checkreading.
> I think it needs some rewording to:
> "In order to get full nominal speed (but without ...[1]) on BD-RE add
> option stream_recording=on."
> [1] I have no idea what checkreading is supposed to mean and vim spell
> checking is complaining about it.

I don't mind the wording as you suggest it (JFTR: it was cooked up by me and 
Thomas). Well, the whole idea is to read back the appropriate amount of bytes 
from the burnt media (this is the tricky part), well and piping these to a 
checksummer (the trivial part).

There is a separate patch waiting for review and approval at:


which explanins the problem and how to deal with it. This is reading back by: 
a) isosize and dd
b) check_debian_iso script Thomas has developed.

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