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Some suggestions for changes to w.d.o/CD/faq entries


I'm updating the Romanian translation for the CD/faq and I have a few 
comments/suggestions to the English version:

[...] which has a cheap Internet connection [...]

May I suggest s/a cheap/an adequate/ here since the cost of the internet 
connection is not too relative. Probably, some information about the
data to be downloaded would be more helpful instead, like:

"A typical graphical installation without additional packages should 
download about ..."

[...]stable releases only happen about every 1.5 years...

I thought stable releases happen about every 2 years. Also, there is no 
mention of backports in this section. Suggestion:

"If you only need newer version of specific packages, you can also try 
the backports service, which takes packages from testing and modifies 
them to work on stable. This option is mostly safer than installing the 
same package directly from testing."

Add option stream_recording=on to get on BD-RE full nominal speed 
without checkreading.

I think it needs some rewording to:

"In order to get full nominal speed (but without ...[1]) on BD-RE add 
option stream_recording=on."

[1] I have no idea what checkreading is supposed to mean and vim spell 
checking is complaining about it.

Note that when you install using an old CD/DVD, the contents of 
/etc/apt/sources.list will reference the current stable Debian release 
by default. This means that any upgrade over the net will upgrade to the 
current stable release. To avoid this, but still receive security 
upgrades for an old release which is still supported, you may want to 
change the contents of this file, replacing "stable" with "oldstable".

Is this still valid? As far as I know sources.list is now by codename 
(or was that introduced only for squeeze?).

(Please CC me on replies, I'm not subscribed to -cd)

Kind regards,
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