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Re: Is the weekly AMD 64 bit DVD's jigdo template wrong ?

In-line :-

On Tue, Dec 28, 2010 at 04:29, Don Wright <wdinst@wricomp.net> wrote:


> Just built the first two weekly DVDs (and some CDs) for amd64 and i386
> using rsync/jigdo without any problem. Thank you, Steve and the rest of
> the team, for keeping Debian moving forward.

 The question was not of if the new .jigdo file and .template file
work or not. I'm sure they work perfectly. What I want to do or was
lead to believe is that using the old .iso and making a new
.iso . I came up with this while doing it again.

"Will not reuse existing temporary file
`debian-testing-amd64-DVD-1.iso.tmp' - it corresponds to a different
/usr/bin/jigdo-file make-image: Delete/rename the file or use --force
jigdo-file failed with code 3 - aborting."

Have removed everything in that directory and just mounting the old
week's .iso to /mnt/jigdo and then asking it to merge stuff from there
and the new one.

Will know in few minutes.
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