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Re: Is the weekly AMD 64 bit DVD's jigdo template wrong ?

In-line :-

2010/12/28 Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com>:


> Apologies, I've been working on the CD/DVD generating scripts for the
> last few days to add new features and this broke today's jigdo files
> for i386 and amd64. I've identified a fix and I'm about to rebuild.

No apologies needed Steve. It was enough to know that 'I' or my
methodology was not incorrect. Also it did give an insight on jigdo
error messages which I'm guessing may be pretty rare.

Just let me and the list know whenever the new template is up and
running, will try it again :)

Do see that debian needs to be way better in web usability so anything
you are doing which would eventually make it easier, faster and better
looking in the long-run is good, such breakages I'm guessing are bound
to occur .

Anyways, we are in the 'testing' phase for Squeeze. :P so we can
tolerate breakages now rather than when it hits gold/stable etc.

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