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Re: Lenny 501 and presseding

On Thursday 07 May 2009, Frédéric DONNAT wrote:
> I could not successfully pressed some questions while partionning:
> - Partition disks
> 	+ First Question:
> 	+ Second Question:

Check the *lenny version* of the installantion guide for the correct way 
to preseed this. There've been some changes since Etch.

> - Launching late command
> 	Here is my late_command (works fine under etch):
> 	d-i preseed/late_command string in-target
> /cdrom/mailinblack/install.sh I get an error: Failed to run pressed
> command
> 	Execution of preseeded command "in-target
> /cdrom/mailinblack/install.sh" failed with exit code 1 In the Alt+F4
> screen I get: in-target: chroot: cannot execute
> /cdrom/mailinblack/install.sh: No such file or directory
> At that point it seems that the cdrom is not mounted when I chroot, so

AFAIK it should still be mounted at that point (late command is run at 07 
in finish-install, while the CD is only unmounted at 15).
Possibly something else went wrong earlier in the installation.


P.S. This is not the best list to report this. If you have any additional 
questions then please mail the debian-boot list and add the syslog from 
your install.
P.P.S. Only the installation guide is really reliable as documentation for 
preseeding. The other documents you used may be outdated or simply 

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