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Lenny 501 and presseding

Hi all,

First of all, i hope i'm posting in the good mailing list... if not, please tell me where I should post.  ;)
In a second hand, I apologize for my bad english.. and I hope that everyone could understand.

I encounter some problems while trying to create my own lenny 5 preseeding file.
I want to preseed "everything" and then use the 'late_command in-target' in order to install my own debian package.

I could not successfully pressed some questions while partionning:

- Partition disks
	+ First Question:
	Partitionning method:
	Guided - use entire disk
	Guided - use entire disk and setup LVM
	Guided - use entire disk and setup encrypted LVM

	+ Second Question:
	Select disk to partition
	SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) - ... VMWare, VMWare Virual 

- Launching late command
	Here is my late_command (works fine under etch):
	d-i preseed/late_command string in-target /cdrom/mailinblack/install.sh
	I get an error: Failed to run pressed command
	Execution of preseeded command "in-target /cdrom/mailinblack/install.sh" failed with exit code 1
	In the Alt+F4 screen I get: in-target: chroot: cannot execute /cdrom/mailinblack/install.sh: No such file or directory

In my isolinux.cfg, I use the following command line options: DEBCONF_DEBUG=5 dbg/flags=all-x
I've built my installation CD using Debian netinstall CD.

At that point it seems that the cdrom is not mounted when I chroot, so I try to mount it manually without any success... I've notioced that the install kernel is version 486 and the kernel I'm trying to install is 686 so I'll try to install a 486 kernel...

Everything work fine with debian etch. Could someone tell me what I'm missing ?

Thanks in advance


I use an etch preseeding file that I try to adjust to fit lenny requirement.
I've built it using:
 - debian installation manual
 - http://debian.org.tw/d-i samples
 - http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Preseed link

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