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Suggestions for the installer

Dear maintainers,

yesterday I tested the last installation-cd of Debian Lenny. I tried to take the view for an unexprienced user and tested the autoinstall routine for kde.
As I own a 64-bit cpu, I chose 64-bit.

There were some things, I noticed, if they were discussed before, please apologize.

1. As I am German, I chose "German". At some points, the translation seems not always been to German. Especially at the point, were you have to decide, which partition type you want (full harddrive, .....with lvm......., with enncrypted lvm...., you know what I mean). Maybe you should add a suggestion for unexperienced users (I chose the first one).

2. As everything else was working fine, I could start at last into kde. BTW: The whole installation process lasted 30 minutes!!! Very fast!!! Amazing!!!
(A Vista installation on the same system with basic + notebook-drivers lasted 3 hours.) Anyway, I remarked, that kde is still in English.

So my suggestion: Is it possible to add the required locales-package according to the language decision on the install procediure ar the very beginning for kde (or better for all installed packages). Maybe you could add a little routine ionto the installation process, to add the correct locale-i18n-xx to the package profile.

Just an idea.....

All at all I liked the new install process, it is really fast, easy to handle and seem to work well. Ah, and I used the multiboot-dvd, maybe this is important to know.

Best regards

Hans-J. Ullrich

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