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Bug#224640: Bug#221598: installation-reports: HW Detect Failed, no CDROM drive found repeatitive error loop

On Friday 21 November 2008, Simon Paillard wrote:
> Though I don't know d-i internals, I noticed during my own lenny fresh
> install that the -686 kernel image has been installed out of
> the ones available in lenny:

The installer has always had a "smart" kernel selection mechanism and will 
install the "best available matching kernel".
Thing is that for quite some time the netinst CD image only had the 486 
kernel available due to space considerations, so users using the netinst 
would end up with that by default. That was changed before Sarge...

Of course there are always cases where the smart selection is not smart 
enough (or sometimes too smart) and in that case we need /proc/cpuinfo.

Given the age of this BR I'd say just go ahead and close it.


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