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Re: Etch r5 (4.0_r5) cds and other media

On Sat, Oct 25, 2008 at 01:55:36PM +0200, Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
>Yesterday we built the images for the new release of Etch, they were tested
>by some of the people on the channels and seem ok, so I have moved all the
>stuff to the release/4.0_r5 directory on farbror and linked current to it.

Yay, excellent!

>I know there are other things that must be done now, like building the
>snapshots, changing things on the web and feeding the lions, I mean the
>torrents, but most of the people that usually takes care of all this is away
>right now, so even though I would have preferred to talk to others and
>coordinate all this (tried irc, mail and phone) I'm making this part
>available and hope others will do the rest when they can or contact me.

For building snapshots, I'll sync the jigdo files to the snapshot
server and get that running now. The website stuff will need one of
the -www folks to do it, or maybe fjp? Maswan is the only one who can
push the updated torrents once all is in place.

>I hope quality is good, the only thing we haven't updated are etchnhalf
>images, this is because, as fjp realised, D-I in testing is broken, so
>etchnhalf will follow after RC1.

OK, fine. We'll do them when we get the chance.

For the update CD/DVDs, we need to generate a "diff" between the lists
of packages that were in r0 and r5. This also implies keeping these
lists around long-term, which I currently do at home for safety. I'm
in the middle of syncing that archive across to farbror too.

The attached script (make-cd-list) is what I use to generate the lists
in the first place:

 $ make-cd-list etch /mirror/debian > r5list

is what I've just run at home, for example. Then we can find the list
of files for the update discs by doing:

 $ diff -u r0list r5list | grep ^\+pool | cut -c2- > r0-r5.diff

The file r0-r5.diff is the input file that the update-cd script wants;
edit debian-cd.etch/update-cd and change two values:


then run

 $ ./update-cd CD && ./update-cd DVD

to generate them. The OUT variable tells you where it will put the

You'll then need to merge that directory over the top of the existing
output directory and (slightly more awkward) merge the checksums files
too. Shout if you need any more help with it.

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
Can't keep my eyes from the circling sky,
Tongue-tied & twisted, Just an earth-bound misfit, I...

export LANG=C

while [ $# -gt 0 ]
	PACKAGES="$PACKAGES "`find $MIRROR/dists/$SUITE/ -name Packages.bz2`
	SOURCES="$SOURCES "`find $MIRROR/dists/$SUITE/ -name Sources.bz2`

( \
	bzcat $PACKAGES | awk '
		/^Filename:/	{ print $2 }
	' ;  
	bzcat $SOURCES | awk '
        /^Directory:/       {
                                DIR = $2
        /^Files:/           {
                                in_files = 1
        /^ /                {
                                if (in_files) { 
                                    gsub("^ ", "", $0)
                                    FILE = $3
                                    printf("%s/%s\n", DIR, FILE);
		/^Package: /        {
								in_files = 0
								FILE = ""
								DIR = ""
		' \
) | sort | uniq | grep ^pool

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