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Re: Debian installer CD

On Thursday 03 April 2008, Daniel Dickinson wrote:
> Heh, you're not kidding.  That's a large part of why the DebianCustomCD
> wiki page is an issue.  I've improved the page somewhat and made clear
> the parts of the page that are about a partial mirror and which is
> about actually generate the CD sets, but I'm thinking that dividing
> into separate pages might make sense.

One issue is that you need the "override" files from the mirror.

In general it's just true that doing things the official way is safer than 
hacking around it. Main issue is that once you do start taking shortcuts, 
you're basically on your own when you run into problems.

> If you could remind me of where your debmirror script is, I think I should 
make clear reference to it as an option on that page.

It's in my original reply, but here it is again (both d-cd and debmirror):

> Am I right in understanding that a single arch takes 30-40 GB?

Remember that the first arch also needs the arch all packages. Extra space 
needed for additional arches is smaller.

> Or can that be made smaller?  I know what when I first did a custom cd set
> I didn't have the space for much more than the packages I specifically
> wanted (and the output images), which is why I went to all the trouble.

It is possible to exclude some packages. In my debmirror script I exclude 
some large -dbg packages for example, which makes a useful difference.

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