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Re: Debian installer CD

On Thursday 03 April 2008, Debian Installer Armenian Translation Team wrote:
> Frans Pop wrote:
> > You need a complete mirror of the Debian archive and use debian-cd to
> > create the CD images.

> I don't want to add packages, I just want to create CD image with
> debian-installer.

A mirror is required even if you don't add custom packages.

> Or as I understand I can use local repository, can I create simple
> repository, with some packages (required),  and create CD image?

In theory it is possible to use a partial mirror. However, doing that 
requires a lot more effort than just creating a full mirror. This is mainly 
because you will need to work around the fact that some things are missing.

Note that having a mirror for only a single architecture and without source 
_is_ possible and is what I have myself (see my debmirror script), but only 
having certain packages is not at all trivial.

Note that the installer creates a mini.iso image without using debian-cd (as 
part of the netboot build target. It is in principle possible to extend 
that to include more (custom) installer components, but you cannot include 
normal packages for the target system that way.
Basically you'd be customizing the installer itself. See this document for 
further information:


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