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Re: Jigdo for Debian 2.2 (potato) for PPC

Hi Brian,

On Sat, Dec 08, 2007 at 12:49:18PM -0700, Brian Fisk wrote:
> I am trying to see if I can get Debian to run on a Power PC emulator
> (PearPC).  I know that the emulator does not support 2.6 kernels, so I must
> try to find a version with kernel 2.4, which is to say I want Debian
> 2.2potato or eariler.

Phew, that's pretty tough...

Some pointers you may not be aware of:
<http://archive.debian.org/dists/> contains the _packages_ of all old 
releases, but no CD images.
<http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/archive/> contains CD images starting 
with 3.1r0 (sarge).

I remember that potato was the first version for which I created .jigdo 
files, but I don't have them anymore! :-/

One possible approach: 
seems to suggest that while a 2.6 kernel is used by default on PowerPC for 
Debian 3.1, a 2.4 kernel may also be available. There are no details, but I 
guess entering some special value at the installer prompt will boot a 2.4 

Maybe ask on debian-powerpc@lists, some old-time users there may be able to 
supply old ISO images, or suggestions on how to get your (or some other) 
emulator to work...



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