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Re: Unreachable Debian CD/DVD vendor: linuxcdstore.it

Quoting "Acquisti Linuxcdstore.it" <acquisti@linuxcdstore.it>:

> [...]... as today, we haven't received any email from his address
> "marco-ebay@bluebottle.com" asking for information, we can suppose
> that his package was lost by PosteItaliane, our shipment provider.

I did in fact send several emails to them (three from this same address, and another one using a different, unrelated account).

> We have already sent him an email asking for info;

And I've already managed to reply to them in private (and this time, from *three* different addresses). Anyway, I'd like to make sure that they've actually received this last message of mine. 
(to Linuxcstore.it:)
If you have, please give me your feedback: that's the only way I would know for sure. By the way, I'd like to ask you for a copy of  your policy, since I could not find  any link to it on your web site.

Thank you all,

Marco Rimoldi

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